Custom Tailored Marketing Solutions

Our bespoke approach


Design Thinking

Our team of design experts take an owner-centric approach and collaborate with our developer clients to craft one-of-a-kind, luxury real estate offerings. We obsess every detail from brand selection, site analysis, unit mix, floor plan design, efficiency, pricing and yield modelling to view analysis and all the minute details that define luxury living. Everything matters.

At S&P, we are the eyes of the buyer at the design table and we sweat every detail.
Sid Landolt, President, S&P Real Estate


Market Positioning

Unveiling luxury real estate to the world is an exercise in knowledge, experience and instinct. Only those who’ve grasped the delicate balance of marrying development and market strategy will succeed. We strategize and carefully position each project to ensure an irreplaceable property. Our innovative approach enables our client to maximize value, pricing and sales velocity.

Rethinking Market Position

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Experience Marketing

High net worth individuals carve distinct paths. These real estate connoisseurs seek unique experiences, trophy properties and a safe haven in the world’s most coveted locations. We’ve mastered the art and science of experiential marketing, which allows our team to curate highly individualized experiences that showcase the developer, the property and the luxury lifestyle of homeownership. It’s all about creating a bespoke experience.


Creating Demand

Many desire a super prime lifestyle, but only a select few can obtain it. These are the individuals S&P reach. Our extensive network of sales partners allows us to enter a market and create record-breaking demand. This requires strategic planning, a highly directed storyline and the coordination of thousands of relationships that are composed of co-op brokers, international sales partners and key influencers worldwide. We create demand.


Bespoke Selling

Our hand-selected, seasoned property specialists are leading the new bespoke sales movement with a custom tailored, white-glove approach to selling. We build meaningful relationships that allow us to curate immersive experiences for our prospective homeowner and sales partner alike. We craft memorable individual experiences.


Homeowner Experience

As would a five-star concierge, S&P’s customer care team guides new homeowners from contract to closing with seamless execution. We pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure title is closed with the utmost care, as contracted, and on schedule.

True luxury is an individual experience.

Peter Dupuis, CEO, S&P Real Estate