Rethinking Market Position


Imagine a city rich with history, brimming with possibility yet unsure of its future and its enormous potential that local and international markets were unaware of. That city was San Diego, a city both Californian and international condominium buyers had overlooked since recovering from the recession.

In 2015, Nat Bosa retained S&P to help reposition San Diego’s downtown and prepare it for market demand. Working closely with the Bosa team, S&P collaborated with famed curator Trevor Boddy from Vancouver and London-based, internationally acclaimed marketing firm Wordsearch.  Together, they would create the concept of a museum-quality, public exhibition called Rethink Downtown Gallery.


The opening of the Rethink Downtown Gallery signaled a new and vibrant future was on the horizon. The design team used an inspirational combination of drawings, photographs, video, scale models and installations to create a visual narrative of downtown San Diego’s past, present and future. Local firms joined forces with historians and futurists from London, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Together, they would create a cultural destination that enabled collaboration and dialogue around urbanization and ultimately, San Diego’s future.

The Rethink Downtown Gallery was the city’s first public exhibition of its kind. It would shift a reality, spark meaningful conversations and rightfully repositioned San Diego as one of the world’s leading urban cities of choice.


Over the course of twelve weeks, the exhibition caught the attention of local and international press. Social media, too, buzzed with ideas. It was decided, San Diego would become the destination of choice for a condominium owner. More than 6,000 local and international visitors from all walks of life engaged the interactive gallery, setting the stage for the successful launch of Nat Bosa’s first super prime tower—Pacific Gate.

No longer waiting for the recognition it deserves—San Diego is thriving rapidly as a sought-after place to live.

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