Vancouver House

A Total Work of Art.

Before the genius of Ian Gillespie, the world lay dormant to the impact a super prime building could have; on a community, a country, and a market’s expectations.

Inspired by Arthur Erickson’s 1955 vision for a futuristic Vancouver skyline, the founder of Westbank wanted to transform a super prime building into a total work of art. But he couldn’t do it alone.

Retaining world-renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to plan and design, Gillespie’s challenge was to revitalize the established yet worn-down neighbourhood of False Creek in Vancouver’s Beach District with an innovative form of urbanism – an architectural statement that would later become an award-winning icon.

Unbeknown to Vancouver, and indeed the rest of the world, Gillespie was setting a new standard of real estate luxury. And he had named it Vancouver House.

No one does what Ian Gillespie does. He’s a genius; he repeatedly sees what others don’t yet see.
Peter Dupuis, CEO, S&P Real Estate


Introducing Vancouver House to the world required a sales strategy that would have as much impact as the building itself. So, working alongside the Vancouver House team, S&P developed a bespoke sales approach that would target high-net-worth players from around the world.
Through an exhibition, architectural salons and white glove experiences, we invited local and international prospective owners and sales partners to discover Vancouver House for themselves. We then facilitated a global broadcast launch – the largest of its kind.
Hosting over 1,100 local realtors and their networks of international sales partners, buyers in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Singapore were immediately mesmerised. And the results proved it.
Breaking a record for the largest sell-out, Gillespie’s icon simultaneously set a new price and value standard for Canada. The first time in Vancouver’s history that an international real estate launch would reach such magnitude, Gillespie’s message was clear: it’s time to welcome Vancouver to the world of the super prime.

Think of Vancouver House as a giant curtain, at the moment of being pulled back to reveal the world to Vancouver and Vancouver to the world.Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group


Gillespie’s drive to build structures that transform communities did not end in Vancouver. Recognizing the need to create a better world, he was the first person to sponsor World Housing.

By activating the world’s first one-for-one real estate gifting model, his inspiring vision housed 2,000 Cambodian people living in uninhabitable shacks, changing their lives forever.


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