Sid Landolt

President & Co-Founder

Sid Landolt grew up in his family’s construction business. As a teenager, he learned everything from pouring foundations to how people live in and enjoy their new home. During his 34-year partnership with Peter Dupuis, Sid has mastered the art of marrying development and market strategies. He thrives on the complex relationship between brand, design and creating demand for luxury real estate. A true design thinker, Sid sweats every detail of the owner experience.

Sid’s natural talent for team building, strategy and product design have him leading the creation of S&P’s Centre for Real Estate Innovation. This think-tank, located at S&P’s home office, is a design thinking environment where developers, architects, designers and consumers can engage the ideal of creating the world’s finest real estate and homes for people that live in slums. 

As an avid sailor, Sid’s endless passion for design inspired him to explore how wooden boats are designed, constructed and sailed in all parts of the world. He is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Business Program and the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a major in business administration and technology.